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I have a sunglasses obsession, always have. And for the past year + eight months, I have been living in cheap knockoffs and storing away my nice sunnies for babyless trips. I FINALLY feel like I can start to resurface some nice sunglasses without the risk of BB breaking them all. But, I will proceed with caution.

Since BB, I have discovered a whole new world of less expensive sunglasses. I went a little overboard and bought a few too many pairs of cheap sunglasses that broke after a wear or two. Life before baby, I always owned one or two nice pairs of sunglasses and that was it. So now I am settling back to some sort of happy medium ground. I really cannot justify spending $300+ on a pair of sunglasses anymore, but I still want a pair of good sunglasses that will make it through an entire trip without breaking.

So, here are 5 places to find designer sunglasses for less!


I bought my most recent pair of Celine sunglasses on MAJOR sale on Amazon. I linked them HERE and below the post. Amazon is also one of my favorite places to buy super trendy sunglasses for less. Yes, I would love the designer version of the cat eye sunglasses that are popping up everywhere, but for something so trendy I will stick with the $15 version, linked HERE.


Before our most recent trip to Paris, I wanted a new pair of Celine’s but was not willing to drop $500 for a pair of sunglasses. For whatever reason, Celine is a designer sunglass brand you can ALWAYS find on major sale. I think they come out with so many versions of the same sunglass that they hit the discount shops pretty fast. Always check bluefly before dropping serious $$$.


Overstock always has a huge selection of Ray Bans, for whatever reason. Whenever I am in the market for a new pair of Ray Bans, this is my first stop! They have the classic round on sale right now for $100!


Tradesy is an online resale shop, but actually a good one. They have a lot of lightly used designer sunglasses. I have also sold old sunglasses I am tired of on here before too. No better feeling than getting a brand new pair of sunglasses but paying for them with an old pair you don’t use anymore!


Another discount sunglass (and prescription glasses) spot with a HUGE selection. They have almost all the big name brands and the quality is really good.


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