About the blog

I am a wife and mama, to husband Blake and daughter Blake (BB), living and working in Chicago. In 2012 I found my soulmate, our french bulldog, George. I am obsessed with top knots, a good book, shoes, fixer-uppers, modern art, winter and my little family and I will always choose a good cup of coffee over a glass of wine. My background is in law, but my heart is in everything pretty.

Most nights, I can be found on my couch surfing blogs. If you have written a blog post about pregnancy, parenting, travel, fashion, design, food, or french bulldogs, I probably read it. I frequently find myself wondering, why hasn’t anyone written about this!? So, I decided it was time to start my own. BFK is just little bits and pieces of my favorite things in life, from travel & style to parenting & home.

My bucket list is long, so it’s time I got to it…